With a holiday village located in the middle of nature and the nature reserve Tösse archipelago, West Swedens ”Stepping up Sustainability” feels like an obvious part of our business. We gradually strive to reduce our impact on the environment and to include the idea of ​​sustainability in the development of our business.

To reduce our impact on the environment, we have / will take the following measures:

  • Replace part of the heating from direct electricity to air heating, partially heat the hot water to the showers with solar panels.
  • Use soap instead of chemical cleaners.
  • Have clearer and simpler source sorting that makes it easier for our guests to be environmentally conscious.
  • Reduce energy requirements with the help of water-saving shower nozzles. Switch from light bulbs to LEDs.
  • We also want to be able to offer a charging station for electric cars in the future, as we have seen that there is a demand for this.
  • Minimize the use of disposable items.

We believe in cooperation between local businesses, to take advantage of each other’s strengths and in this way develop together and lift each other. In our collaborations, we seek as far as possible actors who operate locally and work sustainably, for example, local and seasonal raw materials, local staff and guides.

Rolfskärr holiday village should be an open place where residents in the immediate area are welcome for swimming and recreation.

We strive to provide a clear picture on social media, have a clear and informative website and to be easily accessible through online booking of both cottages, boats and other activities. In this way, we reduce the burden on our staff.

We have extended the season and have discounts for you guests who stay longer and for you who choose to visit us in low season. We want to expand our range with more fishing boats and kayaks to attract a wider customer group, have more financial sustainability and become a more stable and attractive employer that can employ more people for a longer period.