Booking conditions

Terms and information in connection with booking and payment

A reservation made at Rolfskärr holiday village can be canceled up to 2 days before the arrival date. Final payment of the stay is made in advance or on arrival.

Cancellation without paid cancellation protection

If canceled later than two days before arrival, you will be charged for the first night, the remaining amount will be refunded.

Cancellation with paid cancellation protection

If you have cancellation protection, you have the opportunity to cancel until 10 on the day of arrival. You will then get your entire amount refunded.

 No show

Cottages that are not canceled and not used are charged in full.

Departure earlier

In case of departure earlier than planned, no money will be refunded.

Cleaning and bed linen

Each guest cleans their cabin themselves according to the cleaning list. Final cleaning can be purchased as an extra service. The cottage must be cleaned and ready at 11.00.

You can either bring your own bed linen or you can rent it from us for SEK 100 / set.


As a guest, you prepare your own food, bring bed linen and towels and clean the cottage before departure.

Check in and check out

Check-in takes place from 15:00. Check-out no later than 11.00.

Smoking forbidden

Smoking is prohibited in all cottages. In the event of a breach of this, you as a guest will be charged a cleaning fee of SEK 6,000.

Covid-19 and rebooking

Should you become ill prior to your stay, you have the opportunity to rebook to a later date or cancel, we then want you to contact us no later than 2 days before the arrival date.


Any complaints must be made immediately during the stay at the facility or by the person designated. Claims for compensation should be made in writing and within a reasonable time.

Personal information

Upon reservation, the booker agrees that the information is saved and handled in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance. Learn more about how we handle your personal information here.